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Candy Abalone is situated in Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania – Australia’s island state.

Tasmania is surrounded by some of the most pristine oceans in the world. These clean, clear, cold waters provide the perfect environment for healthy stocks of abalone. The Tasmanian abalone fishing industry is managed by strict government catch quotas and size limits to ensure sustainable fishing practices.


Candy Abalone has secure access to the best abalone in Tasmania and carefully harvests its catch to ensure all products are of premium quality.

The best quality dried abalone starts with the best quality fresh abalone and Tasmania is renowned for producing some of the finest eating fish in the world.

Our focus at Candy Abalone is to be the preferred supplier of dried Abalone the world over. Our dried Greenlip Abalone has been likened to Japanese Kippin which is widely regarded as the most desired dried abalone product in the world. Taste tests in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan have recorded similarities in texture and taste that makes it difficult to determine the difference between Kippin and Candy Abalone products.

Candy Abalone only produces dried products from wild caught abalone and does not use chemical additives or drying machines. The drying process follows the traditional Japanese method, using natural airflow to achieve a tender, candied delicacy.


The two abalone species we use for our products are Blacklip (Haliotis rubra) and Greenlip (Haliotis laevigata). Blacklip abalone is found in all of the waters surrounding Tasmania, while the Greenlip is found only on the north coast of the island. The Blacklip size limit is larger than Greenlip and the Tasmanian Government specifies numerous zones surrounding the coastline, all with different size limits.

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